About this website...

Fractals and DWScript

This site grew out of a computing experiment for DWScript and the DWS WebServer.

DWScript is a Pascal scripting language for applications and server, with Just-In-Time compilation support, and one of the first testbeds for the JIT compiler happened to be compiting the Mandelbrot Set.

A second experiment involved a mini-grid computing project between a DWScript server and contributors running a SmartMobileStudio application in a web page, SmartMS uses the DWScript compiler to compile strongly-typed Pascal into plain JavaScript.

This website uses the data generated during that last experiment, which mapped the Mandelbrot Set to the resolution of a Four TeraPixel image in the last days of 2013.

For more news, see the www.DelphiTools.info blog.

Apart from DWScript, this project makes use of: